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  1. I thank U for your ” Pulse ” video on U-TUBE, having the courage to speak out now is most important at this moment, “We the people ” need to come together under one flag, Our Flag. There are 11 rules in the United States Flag Code, the first rule state’s that ” we the people” should never disrespect Our Flag by flying Our Flag with the Union Jack down, Unless there is an environment and situation of ” Dire Distress of Person & Property. So say the Founding Fathers. After our ” sitting president ” threaded N. Korea with Nuclear weapons some time ago, not a soul, only I and U did not hear me , did U Mathew ? The ” sitting president ” is only the symptom, ” We the People ” are the problem & solution, but ” we the people ” , R on ” Vacation in Egypt swimming in the River of Denial, just where the ” sitting president ” wants.

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